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Have you considered eye surgery in Western Massachusetts or the surrounding area? You may be thinking about getting your eyes corrected if you’re experiencing nearsightedness, farsightedness, glaucoma, or astigmatism. While glasses and contact lenses are certainly an option, many people prefer to correct their eyes altogether.

One option to consider is No Blade LASIK. This advanced procedure has made it possible for those with a less-than-perfect vision to restore it to its original health. No Blade LASIK is more precise and pain-free than traditional LASIK procedures. No Blade LASIK also means there is less of a chance of any flap complications.

Here’s what one of many patients who saw Dr. Frangie has to say about him:

“I didn’t realize how drastic of a change LASIK surgery would make in my life…and every day my vision continues to get better and better. I would suggest to anyone to get it done it’s definitely a life changer” – Jeremy

John Frangie, M.D. is an experienced LASIK specialist who has helped countless patients restore their vision. Read on to learn what No Blade LASIK is, the difference between blade and no blade, and how this process works.

What Is No Blade LASIK?

No Blade LASIK, also known as Bladeless Lasik, is an advanced procedure involving a femtosecond laser used to create a flap in the cornea instead of a blade. The flap is created by making an incision around the corneal tissue and folding it back from the stroma portion of the eye. This allows Dr. Frangie access to the cornea with high accuracy and low risk.

Bladeless LASIK allows the flap to have equal thickness all around, along with cleaner edges and a faster healing time for the patient. The flap also protects the underlying cornea in recovery.

Blade vs. No Blade LASIK

The main difference between Blade and No Blade LASIK is the tool that is used to create the flap. Blade LASIK relies on a blade, while bladeless relies on a laser to make the necessary incision.

It’s important to note that most modern surgical practices no longer rely on blades to make incisions. No Blade LASIK typically leads to a lower risk of flap complication or an incomplete flap. In addition, bladeless generally means that there will be easier flap lifts for a better procedure experience overall.

How Does No Blade LASIK Work?

First, a nurse or doctor puts drops in to numb the eye and prevent discomfort, and then a lip speculum is used to prevent your eyelids from closing. A suction ring will also be applied to prevent your eyelids from moving around.

The laser will then be used to create a flap on the cornea, which will be folded away. From this point, your cornea will be reshaped with the laser and then replaced with another flap.

Are You Eligible for No Blade LASIK in Western Massachusetts?

Your eyesight is essential. Luckily, No Blade LASIK has made it possible to correct your vision with one procedure. Clients are often amazed by the improvement in their vision after receiving a No Blade LASIK procedure.

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Yes. IntraLase bladeless LASIK is considered by many to provide a safer approach to vision correction surgery. This is a result of the superior precision of the computer-controlled laser as compared to that of a hand-held mechanical device. The mechanical device houses a metal blade that cuts across the cornea to create the flap. IntraLase bladeless LASIK accomplishes the flap procedure with a laser instead of a blade, and does not travel across the cornea; these features reduce the risk of complications. IntraLase bladeless LASIK provides a safer procedure because of its precision.

This precision was documented in studies conducted for the FDA clearance of the laser, where accuracy of flap thickness was demonstrated at +/- 10 microns. Precise flap thickness is critical to a successful LASIK outcome and IntraLase-crafted flaps feature a consistent thickness from edge to edge. Again, this degree of accuracy is unprecedented in flap creation technology to date. Finally, greater flap stability was also demonstrated with IntraLase flaps in studies for the laser’s FDA submission. Although the incidence of flap slippage is rare in LASIK, the consequences can be quite problematic. The assurance that the IntraLase created flap will be securely re-positioned without incident provides added peace of mind for many patients.

“No-Blade” LASIK surgery utilizes two lasers within the process. The first laser used is the highly accurate “femtosecond” laser. This laser essentially cuts out all need for a manual tool in the first step of the LASIK process: the creation of the flap.

In the second step the corrective corneal treatment is performed through application of an excimer laser by the eye surgeon.

No, but IntraLase bladeless LASIK reduces the risk of complications reported with traditional LASIK, and we feel that is very important for our patients.

Because we feel this is essential technology that significantly raises the standard to safety in vision correction surgery, we are recommending IntraLase for all of our patients. You should discuss your concerns directly with Dr. Frangie as certain vision disorders and corneal anatomy may be associated with a higher degree of risk. Dr. Frangie will help you decide which is best for you.

Advanced technologies are more expensive for the surgeon to employ in his practice. Most patients agree that the added level of safety and assurance offered by IntraLase no blade LASIK is well worth the additional cost when considering vision correction surgery.

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