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West Side Optical carries all the latest styles of eyewear for every member of your family.


Westside optical is now offering great savings on our clear, single vision lenses with a buy one get one free offer. Get a pair of clear single vision lenses, along with the frame, from our specialty collection free with any purchase of any prescription lens and frame.

That makes this the best time to update your eyewear and get a second pair at the same price. Westside optical offers an amazing selection of quality eyewear and experienced service plus you benefit from our two for one savings. Stop in today for more details.

The best glasses fit your personality and take great care of your vision needs at the same time. Discover the latest styles from Gucci, Ray-Ban, Nike Vision, Burberry, and others at West Side Optical by Northeast Laser (John Frangie). Get a comprehensive eye exam from the vision team you can trust for the best results.

Rocking a stylish pair of glasses or sunglasses gives you crystal-clear eyesight and amazing confidence. Are you ready to choose your new style?

New Glasses

Whether you’re looking for glasses that are bright and bold or elegant and sleek, we have the perfect pair for your personality. We make it easy to find a style that fits your needs, feels comfortable, and looks amazing on you:

  • Designer frames
  • Prescription glasses
  • Prescription sunglasses
  • Sports glasses
  • Children’s glasses
  • Computer glasses
  • Specialty glasses

Express yourself with new glasses. Make a statement to the world starting today. Be as chic, sophisticated, sexy, fun-loving, or professional as you want to be. When you choose a spectacular pair of glasses, one thing is certain: You’re going to turn heads when you walk into a room.

Repair or Realign Frames

Do you already have favorite frames you just can’t live without? We’re experts at frame adjustment and repair. If a friend accidentally sat on your glasses, don’t panic just yet! Even when frames are bent, broken, or cracked, our experienced opticians can usually make them look new.

Frame adjustment can be necessary from time to time. If your glasses don’t seem to fit right, let our team fix them right away. We can realign glasses quickly, so your nose and ears feel comfortable.

Knowledgeable Advice and Guidance on Frame and Lens Selection

Once you’ve fallen in love with your favorite frames, we can help you customize your prescription lenses. The right lenses adapt to your lifestyle and keep your eyes happy.

You can choose high-index ultra-thin lenses that are lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear. Polarized lenses are a great fit for people who spend a lot of time outdoors and want maximum UV protection. They also provide greater comfort if you spend long hours in front of a computer screen.

We also have a full range of transition lenses that respond to lighting conditions automatically to protect your vision. Our expertly crafted progression lenses make up-close and faraway tasks easier.

Friendly Eye Experts in West Springfield, MA

It makes sense to choose experts in vision when you’re looking for glasses. Protect your eye health with in-depth eye care examinations from eye doctors with extensive experience. Find the perfect combination of lenses and frames for your lifestyle. At Northeast Laser (John Frangie), we work with various vision plans, and we’re happy to help coordinate. Contact us right away in West Springfield for assistance.

Are you weighing the options of laser eye surgery vs. prescription eyeglasses? Our team can help you make a great decision.

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West Side Optical carries all the latest stylesof eyewear
for every member of your family.

Available with a prescription from:

  • Repair Broken Frames

  • Re-align eyewear for proper fit

  • Knowledgeable advice and guidance on frame and lens selection

  • Free estimates on complete products or parts

  • We accept some Eyewear Insurance Plans – call for verification

  • Our trained, courteous and professional staff will assist you with choosing the right frame to compliment your lifestyle, and within your budget.

    We accept VSP and Eyemed.

West Side Optical provides a variety of vision services, including:


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