Wearing Eye Makeup & Vision

  • Wearing eye makeup carries some risk for negatively impacting the health of the eyes.
  • The best way to avoid potential vision care issues is to practice good hygiene, avoid sharing eye makeup products, and never apply mascara in a moving vehicle.

To look good, you have to be able to see correctly. So, it makes sense that one of the most common questions people ask about their eye makeup is whether it can lead to potential vision issues in the future.
Any time you apply anything to the area around your eye, there is a chance of inflicting unintentional damage. However, if you practice basic cleanliness as well as some foundational safety tips, you should be able to avoid significant harm.

How Makeup Affects Eye Health

You only get one set of eyes in your life, so it’s important to understand how makeup could potentially interfere with the health of your peepers. For instance, if you wear contacts, makeup products could touch the lens and potentially reduce its visual impact or cause an infection.
Beyond the possible issues that stem from contact use, there are generally four main concerns when it comes to eye makeup:

  • Allergic reactions to some makeup products
  • Bacterial infections, such as pink eye, from shared makeup or expired makeup
  • Eye irritation from wearing glitter makeup or forgetting to remove eye makeup before falling asleep
  • Scratched corneas when applying mascara

Some of the harm here may be minor and easily fixable. For example, if you’re allergic to a specific product, you can avoid products containing the specific ingredient that causes the reaction. Some brands even market themselves as hypoallergenic.

Yet, it can also be easy to misunderstand the source of the issue. This can lead to repeated and lasting damage to your vision. If you’re ever unsure of the underlying cause of the eye problem you’re dealing with, you should consult with an eye doctor.

Safe Eye Makeup Application Practices

Generally, it doesn’t take much effort to prevent eye makeup from harming your eyes. Routine hygiene practices such as washing your hands before touching your eye and putting in your contacts before applying makeup can prevent possible infection or irritation.

Still, there are times where we engage in risky behavior without realizing it. This can be the case when the behavior could lead to serious injury but often does not. To prevent these situations from occurring, make sure to incorporate some standard practices into your eye makeup regimen:

  • Do not apply mascara in a moving vehicle.
  • Never share eye makeup with anyone.
  • Never wear eye glitter or sparkles.
  • Only let a professional apply faux lashes.
  • Remove your makeup before falling asleep.
  • Replace your eye makeup after an eye infection.
  • Throw out eye makeup that’s past its expiration date, gives off an odd odor, or is more than three months old.
  • Use fresh applicators if trying on makeup at a store.

If you’ve recently had an eye operation, you should not wear any makeup until your eye doctor gives their approval. Eye makeup can negatively impact the healing process and possibly cause the need for another procedure.

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